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About Us :
Advisory Board Compass solutions provide hospitals with better insight into their unique business, elevating their performance through better, faster, data-driven decision making. At the heart of each Compass solution is a business intelligence tool that allows hospital executives and Advisory Board staff to easily view and analyze each organization's own financial, operational and clinical data.

As a strategic research firm serving 2,500 hospitals and health systems in the United States and abroad, the Advisory Board is dedicated to optimizing healthcare delivery. We have preconfigured each business intelligence tool so that partners will benefit from our more than 25 years of research, consulting, and training. We provide high level dashboards, scorecards, and reports that have proven successful at leading organizations across the county, as well as intuitive drill-down capabilities and e-mail alerts to minimize "diagnosis time".
A great technology is not enough -- for each solution, the Advisory Board provides best practice research, training and analysis to ensure that all partners maximize the impact that better access to information can achieve. We ensure that organizations are learning from each other as well as the Advisory Board with partner-only meetings, teleconferences and benchmarking. Finally, each hospital is provided with a dedicated Advisory Board analyst who is tasked with uncovering savings opportunities for the organization.

To date, our focus has been squarely on improving hospital margins by bringing focused solutions to mission-critical business areas where we have significant expertise -- Revenue Cycle, Supply Cost, and Surgery Performance.